Honeymoon in Paradise


co-host: FormContent
participating artists: Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec, Daniela Dill, Simone Etter, FormContent, Rotem Gerstel, Anita Holtsclaw, Laura Hunt, France Manoush Sahatdjian, Christoph Poetsch, Eden Sarna, Akira Takaishi, Julia Wirsching

Thinking about La Cité Internationale des Arts residency as a kind of honeymoon for artists and their practice’s—a time of focused attention away from the distractions and routines of one’s actual life—curator FormContent and I, invited the other artists in residency to introduce their respective practices over dinner.

Sound performance by Laura Hunt

Connections and dialogues were formed over wine between practice and practice, artist and artist, practice and artist, and artist and practice. These comprised not only of language but images, readings, stretches, rehearsals, print training, notebooking, dj-ing, hummus and dancing.

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