Istanbul, 2017
video HD, colour, sound
5.05 min
and performance that was part of the collaborative project “Horst & Maria”

In the video “Horst”, Horst can be seen as he begins to get in touch with his direct environment – an artist residency. His approach consists of contact improvisations with the establishment of the artist’s studio. His movements are interrupted with poses, which include the camera as a dance partner.

Performance “Open Studio”, Kulturakademie Tarabya, Istanbul, 2017
Horst is an artificial character, who tries to be the perfect resident. During the performance “Open Studio”, (that took place at the Kulturakademie Tarabya, Istanbul in January 2017) Horst presents his video "Horst". While serving German soup the guests were informed that due to the current political situation in Turkey, Horst did not dare to leave the artists' residency. At the same time, however, he wanted to meet the requirements of the residency, namely the German-Turkish cultural exchange, which is why he invited them all to his open studio.

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