Paris, 2017
binaural audio walk
15 min

The visitors were invited to go for a walk through galerie l’inlassable’s neighbourhood in Paris. They were given headphones with built-in microphones, attached to smartphones, which navigated them through space and time. The GPS system would tell them where they were in the present while listening to the past—a soundscape of that same path taken during the previous visitors walk. During their own journey the microphone would continue this cycle, recording the present soundscape for future walkers. Therefore, in undertaking this walk they became producers and simultaneously witnesses of the previous walkers experience.

Map: tracked route around Galerie L’inlassable, Paris

Audio walk: galerie l’inlassable, 2017 
“At first, everything sounds like what I’m seeing and then suddenly, there was no traffic and then I was afraid because I heard the scooters and I was like – you can probably hear me saying ‘shit, what the fuck’. And sometimes I hear someone is following me but maybe it is the recording of someone else, and I was looking behind me to see, and there was this old lady – but it’s not her, I know it’s not her (…).”

Account by a visitor

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