Paris, 2017
90 min

I tried to separate myself from my art practice as if we were two entities, asking her-him-it questions about our relationship and how we want to work together. Throughout the conversation we touched on ethics politics and play. In a transcript of our dialogue, my practice claims to be more clever than I, and reading it, it becomes clear that we are ethically different.

The Interview was shown as an ongoing rehearsal in which the text was embodied by an actress who took the role of both: the artist (me) and the practice (mine). Throughout the rehearsal the actress repeated passages in different positions and with different tones which created and revealed new layers of meaning within the text.

 Performed by Daniela Dill at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, 2017 during HONEYMOON IN PARADISE – a private ‘closed-studio’ for artists in residence, co-hosted by FormContent and Gabriel Hensche


Practice: Every project not only has to change its shape in conversation with people, but  it also should enter a dialogue with the  situation and the  circumstances it emerges from and of course, the  artist is a crucial part of that process.

    Artist: That  means, in the end, you potentially capitalise on my whole personal life?

P: Well...

    A: That‘s horrible.

P: Come one,  I know that you enjoy  it.

    A: No.

P: Yes, you do.

    A: Ok, you seem to be more clever than me.

P: I am.



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